Birch Finance

Paris Leaf approached me for a modeling opportunity, something I don't normally do. However, running around some of the best spots in Miami over a long weekend was a hard job to turn down. I'd had the pleasure of working for this branding agency in the past and they are fantastic to work with.

Their client was Birch Finance, a service that helps users manage their rewards programs and points across multiple credit cards and accounts. They were in need of two videos, one to show at Techcrunch and another for a giveaway they were having. I was featured in the second, which focused on the benefits of the rewards and what potential users could get out of using the service.

I provided the wardrobe and styling for myself as well as prepped and prepared each look prior to shooting. We ran on an insanely tight schedule which changed from high-end to beach looks within an hour of each other and most of the makeup and outfit changes had to be done on site.

Despite challenges the styling challenges, it was an incredible way to see Miami and the end product was well edited and fun. Birch Finance was happy with the end result and used the video for their vacation giveaway.