Creative Directing

Apartment Therapy Home Tour

Recently, the historic home (rental) I've been living in was featured on Apartment Therapy House Call.  I'm always adjusting my living spaces and adding life whether it be through plants, art, or misc. Creating a home out of a house takes time and for in my experience is a never ending work in progress. A home for me mimics a living organism that moves and grows with you and all the changes life has to bring and reflects the energy you are carrying. I work from home and it's important for me to have a fun, inspiring, and clean space. I partnered up with the James Hill who took photos of the living area and helped capture our fun and quirky home so well. I love curating spaces for myself and others. If you find yourself with a space in need of some zhoozh, let's connect! 

OMO1 Album Art

I had the opportunity to work with the fresh new label Orbital Mechanix on the album cover of their first compilation album! It was such a fun project as I hold the members dear to me. It was an honor to be asked and I enjoyed being able to really dive into something so creative.

In meeting with the group, we spoke about branding, visuals, and representation of the artists on the comp. They had a specific visual treatment that they wanted utilized but outside of that, they were fair game to what I could create and having that creative freedom was fantastic. I listened to the comp tracks to gather inspiration and was able to draw a strong vision for what I thought would be a fitting album cover. 

The gallery below shows the progression from the handmade collage I created through the layers of distortion I selectively used to highlight or as I'd like to think of it, “galactically ice out” parts of the collage ( a flexible series of customizable effects created by Zachary Graber).

Hopefully, I'll be seeing more album covers with them in the future. Check them out, they have some seriously talented artists, and you can hear the comp teaser here.


I was asked to help create an online retail space, it's main objective to support female artists. It was a passion project that I felt came at a very relevant time. I was brought in to document and style pieces, give them cohesion, and curate a warm space for the work created by all the artists.

We spoke about what Wiseblood meant, the feel of it, the desired aesthetics, and how that should translate to viewers. I traveled to Athens for a long weekend to shoot the goods and used the photos as building blocks for the Squarespace site. The result was a clean but eclectic grouping for the Fall 2016 campaign that was able to showcase the connected nature of the curation.

Most of the shots below are not edited and were used with set effects from Squarespace.

Birch Finance

Paris Leaf approached me for a modeling opportunity, something I don't normally do. However, running around some of the best spots in Miami over a long weekend was a hard job to turn down. I'd had the pleasure of working for this branding agency in the past and they are fantastic to work with.

Their client was Birch Finance, a service that helps users manage their rewards programs and points across multiple credit cards and accounts. They were in need of two videos, one to show at Techcrunch and another for a giveaway they were having. I was featured in the second, which focused on the benefits of the rewards and what potential users could get out of using the service.

I provided the wardrobe and styling for myself as well as prepped and prepared each look prior to shooting. We ran on an insanely tight schedule which changed from high-end to beach looks within an hour of each other and most of the makeup and outfit changes had to be done on site.

Despite challenges the styling challenges, it was an incredible way to see Miami and the end product was well edited and fun. Birch Finance was happy with the end result and used the video for their vacation giveaway. 

Mariama Ndure

I had the honor of working with this amazing artist for her latest album on behalf of Elestial Sound. I spearheaded the project, managing all aspects from contracts to the artist's profile, copy and photos for press, album art, licensing, etc. Working with an extremely creative team can always have its challenges but the outcome was beautiful. 

I worked with her and represented her under contract negotations. Mariama having grown up in Oslo, wanted to be licensed in Norway was well as the US. She'd also worked with several artists who helped create tracks and sounds for the album so part of the project included negotiation of titles and credit for those artists as well as negotiating any press or royalties they would receive. 

When it came to visual content, I chose a photographer that I thought would be able to capture Mariama in a classic and genuine environment. Birdee was a great fit and was able to capture her beautifully on film. Those photos were then given a treatment so that they would stay on brand with her and the album. 

The album art was a creative process done together by Evan Galbika and Benji Haselhurst. They'd previously been chosen by the artist before I came onboard to project manage. Mariama shared her desire to see the album art look lush, vibrant, and colorful. Facilitating this conversation between Mariama and the two artists was extremely important as well as ensuring her desires were heard and not overshadowed. We landed on a final image that both parties were happy with and I think succussfully captured the feel of the album as well. 

The opportunity to manage this was really exciting and broke through uncharted territories for me. We were able to put together a small but talented team of people to put this project together. While contract negotiations for a musician may not be my strong suit, being able to ensure that so many pieces of this puzzle fit correctly, looked cohesive and made sense was no easy feat either. Staying true to an artist's vision and not compromising on that under the pressure of deadlines and other artists was the most challenging and rewarding goal. The project is one that I am very proud to have been a part of and you can check out some of Mariama's tracks below. Enjoy!