OMO1 Album Art

I had the opportunity to work with the fresh new label Orbital Mechanix on the album cover of their first compilation album! It was such a fun project as I hold the members dear to me. It was an honor to be asked and I enjoyed being able to really dive into something so creative.

In meeting with the group, we spoke about branding, visuals, and representation of the artists on the comp. They had a specific visual treatment that they wanted utilized but outside of that, they were fair game to what I could create and having that creative freedom was fantastic. I listened to the comp tracks to gather inspiration and was able to draw a strong vision for what I thought would be a fitting album cover. 

The gallery below shows the progression from the handmade collage I created through the layers of distortion I selectively used to highlight or as I'd like to think of it, “galactically ice out” parts of the collage ( a flexible series of customizable effects created by Zachary Graber).

Hopefully, I'll be seeing more album covers with them in the future. Check them out, they have some seriously talented artists, and you can hear the comp teaser here.